Club Penguin’s 2008 April Fools Party

Well, its that time again! April Fools- in club penguin!

I missed last year’s so this is so cool for me!

Free items!

Red Propeller Hat –             Ski Village

Swirly glasses-                     Cove

The Rooms!

Every room (except the  mountain- that i know of) is decorated!

My 2 favs are the  iceberg and DoJo.

Check it  out because they look AWESOME!

The Pin

The new pin was hidden.

Crayon Pin-          Mine Shack

HOWEVER, you  have to connect the dots located  on the mine shack to get the  pin.





Well, if you read the recent  What Billybob says…. you will see  it says that there is a special thing  inside  the  CPIP game. Well, I found out what it  is…are you ready?

Your not a penguin! Your a green puffle! Your  playercard says your a penguin but your really a green puffle! It’s so cool!

You can even dance and  collect free items still!


Check it all out on Club Penguin. (and CPIP) Enjoy! Have fun-maybe you’ll see me  on sub zero- !


! Waddle  On!


1 Response to “Club Penguin’s 2008 April Fools Party”

  1. April 4, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Good post!
    Right now thougth I need hits on my blog.
    Please leave a comment on my site my clicking my name next to the red puffle on fire.(Im doing this so I dont advertise my site)
    Well Keep up the good work on this site!
    (Head staff of Fosters1537.wordpress.com)

    madam says- Thanks. and I will. Its always a pleasure to help others with their sites. We will, and once again thanks.

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