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So i just got into my old account. and email.


Anyways my penguins [all 9] got deleted =[ it wont let me on. so i made a new penguin- madammusic

i havent been on. and cp has changed!!

but i feel at 14 yrs old i should be doing something else.

leave a comment for my email. and we can talk. ūüėČ

miss ya!




July 1st-

The Firework celebration took place on club penguin!

It’s still going on! At the Mountain and Iceberg!

Happy Canada Day ! And Happy Fourth of July!



Plz visit this site!

Hey penguins , whats up?

For those of you who have seen this site before- our new one. You probably know of the list called the Awesome List.

If not, its a list of really cool,and really awesome sites. Whether they need more hits or not…. most are¬† club penguin related sites. But we do except others.

And when we made our new site. We never brought it back.

I came up with the idea and Im  bringing it back. Yes, the Awesome List will be returning on this site-

Plz comment and look at it.

It’s my personal club penguin site. [Madammusic4cp’s Club Penguin Site]

Plz and thx!


P.S.- The Awesome List is a great way to advertise your site- and its helped many other sites get hits. [views] So think about leaving a link to ur site  on my site!




CP’s weekly newspaper + More!!

Hey fellow penguins! Whats up?

I know whats up in cp this¬† week- if¬† u don’t check it out!

New secret agent mission is out [im doing it today since¬† i haven’t had time to do it yet]

And the newspaper-

AND ALSO- ROCKHOPPER HAS RETURNED! With  brand new rooms! The Captain Quarters [requires key] and the crows nest!

Take a look-



New sports catalog! [secrets coming soon]



^ Crows nest. If u can’t see it. Click the arrow once aboard RH’s ship. It takes you up there.

¬†– [below] Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters.


To get inside Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters you must¬†have the key.

Rockhopper brought back the old free item- the stuffed parrot. And   clothes items and   furnitrue items. [for members only]

So yea..thats whats up in Club Penguin.


Waddle on, just don’t get stuck…… [like me]


! Ultimate club Penguin document in the works !




if u haven’t i would like you to write your name and a little about yourself- under the page. The Staff.


or [send it/comment it] to me and  i will post it for you.






[mine is up there- u can use it as an example if u need to]

p.s.- SOMEONE plz do penguin of the week. idc who- just someone.


What Billybob says…….

Hello Penguins!
If you haven’t checked out the Town Center yet make sure you do! Something strange is going on! I’m sure we’ll find out more when the next newspaper comes out on Thursday, but until then, we’d love to hear what you think might be happening.. Also, if you have your construction helmets you can always have fun helping others to fix it!
In other news: a new furniture catalog was released today with some great items for the summer. It’s full of stuff you need to turn your igloo into the perfect beach party! As always we would love to hear what your favorite new item is.
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team
Hope all is well.  I will try to get cp today- Big Snow or Sub Zero*.
Waddle on…just don’t get stuck [like me]
P.S.- Tell your friends! and don’t forget to check out my other site- MM4CP ! Thx!

Whats new in club penguin!

Whats new in the world of club penguin?

Klutzy the crab and the polar bear are at it again! Secret agents, if you didnt know- read the newspaper. Multiple sightings of the crab were reported in the cave. and the mine.

Also, there’s a secret in the newspaper. Go to the water party review page and click the crab.

A PSA letter pops up. It says “To unlock this file turn all puffles red” Click each puffle until all red. They will slowly dissapear and a new message from G will pop up.


Well, I think its Klutzy the crab and the polar bear…causing the earthquakes. I think they are tying to destroy the whole town. [like blow it up] and do something EVILLLL with it. lol- but idk.

New furniture catalog- click the beach towel for the inflatable dragon thing. Click the seeweed for the clam, and the painting for the lava lamp.

NEW PIN- basketball pin, at the pizza place!

Thats it! Bye!

Rockhopper arrival at the end of the month- NEW MISSION comes out early next week. So be on the lookout!



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