Club Penguin Cheats, Secret and glitchesBy: madammusic4cp 

If the title has a * by it. It may not work, or have been proven. (unsure of)

  Enter the hqYou can enter the HQ through the Sports Shop, if you are an agent!  Free Friendship Bracelet If you go to the Book Room, click on the books..above on the bookcase. Click on Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Then go to the end…click on the bracelet. You will get a friendship bracelet.  Make Desert Pizza When you click to play Pizzatron 3000 if you look towards the bottom of the will see a switch this if sweet. Double click the switch to candy or pizza. Candy makes Candy Pizza.  Fred

If you look in the ski lodge….there is a cuckoo clock. Every 30 mintues the clock “cuckoos” . There is a yellow bird named Fred in it. He has met quite a few people!

 Getting underground 

You can get underground many ways.

1. Through the 4rth speaker in the Dance Club.

2. The Manhole

Or 3. the Mine Shack.

  The Iceberg 

The Iceberg- is a block of ive hidden on your map. A secret room. It is located in the top right of your map.

 The Dojo

The Dojo- The Dojo is hidden on your map also. It is is the mountains…the top… your mouse will change when you find it.

 Free Rockhopper Item

If you board Rockhopper’s ship can read his journal. If you under…to the ship hold and go to the clothes rack you can get a free item. Every time hes here.

 More coins for desert pizza

 If you make no mistakes on Pizzatron 3000 you get 1, 085 coins. If you play desert pizza you get 1, 285.

 Ice Fishing- catch the big fish

When playing Ice Fishing you can only catch the big fish with a yellow fish. It gives you 50 extra coins.

 Special Dances

You can do special things by wearing certain items and waving or dancing. (example- drill with a jackhammer,wear ONLY the miners helmet and dance)

 Old newspapers

If you go to the Boiler Room. Click on the bottom or the file cabinet you can read the last 6 issues of the Club Penguin Times. (newspaper)


If you play Astro Barrier ..waiting to go to level 11…wait about 30 seconds and a blue ship will pop up…shoot it and you have 10 secret levels to play.


On level 19 of Astro Barrier, find the fake wall at the right, find ur way to the second tile on top, walk through..leave the third tile from the top alone. Or untouched. When in the secret area…go through several fake walls,.until you reach the switch tile..collect your prize and finish the game.


On Cart Surfer if you crash it gives you more time on the track..which means more points. Crash 3 times and games over!


Fluffy the fish is located everywhere in club penuguin. Here are some places he;s located.


1. Thrown out of truck on levels 3-5 of Bean Counters.

2. Main Fish in Ice Fishing

3. Engraved at the bottom of the Grandfather Clock furniture item.

4. Appears on the Club Penguin Coin.

5. In the clothing catalog, it appears on the pizza pan when clicked.

6. On the wall of the lighthouse and in the cooler.

 Reading books

. If you read the books in the book room. You learn a lot.

If you read truth or dare…you will learn why there is a green puffle in the dance club.


MOVE ABLIES! ALL GAMES DO SOMETHING! Moveables are things that if you click or scroll your mouse over they move,or do something. Moveables were named moveables by madammusic4cp.



If you click the bucket it fills up with sand. Click again again a sand castle will appear. Click it and it will fall.  DOCK- Click the tubes and they move.Move mouse over boat it sinks a little. SKI VILLAGE- The tour booth will get bigger when scrolled on. SKI LODGE- the candle burns out when scrolled on. (upstairs) the rocking horse moves when scrolled on.  SPORTS SHOP- the speaker, register, phone. COVE- bincolars light up. SNOW FORTS- when  hit by a snow ball the target moves. PLAZA-manhole,  PET SHOP- fish, puffles, red puffle and black puffle, food box pops open with green puffle inside.  PIZZA PLACE- book, registar. BOOK ROOM- books, manacala poster lights up. DANCE CLUB- speaker, and the puffle changes postion! PIZZA TRON 3000- switch moves. BIOLER ROOM- cabinet  CAVE- the bogieboards move when scrolled over. Penguin limit

You can have 5 penguins on 1 email acount.

 Old comments

If you click the arrow at the top of the screen…it shows you the last 4 things said and by who. If you click on one it shows the player card.


You can also hold it and drag it towards the bottom of the screen.

 Go there

Click on a random person. Click on a postcard for a room invation DON’T click yes or no. Scroll to the postcard and click go there! It takes you there!

 Tipping the iceberg

The most popular rumor around Club Penguin–tipping the Ice Berg. Is it possible? No one has ever had all penguins cooperate to find out.Rumor has it that 100 people (full room) are required to tip it. Which side of the Ice Berg to tip it on is where the problem lies.


Personally  I think you can’t tip it.

 Santa hat?

The Santa hat was given Christmas party of 2006. And again in 2007.

 Rare items

Rare items have been known to return.

 Become an agentcan become a secret agent by clicking the M in the top right corner. Collect pins. You can collect pins by walking over them.         


4 Responses to “CP cheats,glitches and secrets”

  1. 1 jetex1997
    March 16, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Cool page!I like how you have this kind of section.


    madammusic4cp says- Thanks.

  2. June 22, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    hmmmmmmmm……..if i got some more cheats i might be able to release the ultimate club penguin document to everyone and not just helponcp members……..

  3. June 22, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    The *Astro-barrier thing works. I’ve done it.

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