Always wanted to meet Rockhopper well now you can!! Use this simple Rockhopper finding guide to help you find Rockhopper!

 How to tell if he’s online-

Type in his username and type in a random password. (at least 5 digits long) If it says he’s banned he’s offline. If it says incorrect password he’s online. If he’s not online try again later!


First off, people say Rockhopper is a bot, or a real person. Well, if you email club penguin they say he’s a real person. He changes servers a lot. But you might be able to find him.


Try these servers-  Mammoth, Frozen, Mittens, Rocky Road , Parka, and any other server that usually has a lot of people. Usually on a server on the left hand side. But then again he does change servers.


Finding him is hard, but it can be done. Some people find him easy, and others it takes awhile. He’s a little taller than other penguins. He wears a hat, and has a black beard. He talks like a pirate and is red. There is always A FLOOD of penguins around him.


Rooms- You can find him all around club penguin. Check these places first- The beach, the dock, The iceberg, the pizza place, the plaza, and HIS SHIP of course! He only goes in high populated rooms. Like the iceberg which can hold  like 100,but and the mountain holds like 30 penguins. He’s usually online when lots of people are on.

 Tips on how to find him- 

  1. Check if he’s online.
  2. Ask around, however check your server first. The penguin may be lying.
  3. He’s usually in the rooms  I mentioned. 

  Gifts from Rockhopper 

Well, he used to give out the eye patch but now he gives out a background.


Once you find him. Click on him, and bring up hs playercard. Click the add buddy, This gives you a free  gift. YOU CAN NOT become his buddy. Anyone who says this is lying!!  If you click visit igloo, it takes you to his ship. And of course you can send him mail. Who knows you might get one back!

 Extra stuff- 

I ‘m pretty sure that Rockhopper is a club penguin employee.  A lot of people ask to be Mrs. Rockhopper-lol. And don’t get sad, or upset if you can’t find him! It takes time! Good luck I hope this helped!

 ~madammusic4cp~ (pics coming soon)


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