This is the HelponCP Hall Of Fame.

Awards, or medals given to those who have helped. Those who have moved-on and are no longer a Helpmeoncp member. (A non-active member)

This is dedicated to all who have helped.

Rest in peace, Have a wonderful life.

Thanks so much!

HelponCP Members for really caring in making a difference. For helping make the world a better place. For helping my dreams come true. And helping others  in need. Presented by: Madammusic4cp

Helpmeoncp Members for once again, making a difference. And helping others. Presented by: madammusic4cp.

Candylover101 for being my right hand. You’ve really helped make this person be  who she  is today. You  may not do what i do but you helped make this site get where it is today. Being my right hand- helping me , myself, make desicions . And for always being there and believing in me. You’ve helped me through a lot of things. Prsented by your BFF: Madammusic4cp

Brandon5856 (a.k.a.- Dark Pebbles ) for  being a C.P.S.S. member and helpmeoncp member. for being very kind and willing to help whenever needed. Who won penguin of the week, he was a very good friend and member. Dark Pebbles was a great friend and worked/helped  people, and  on this site a lot. Thanks for all the help. Maybe one day you can join again. Non-active member~ Presented by Madammusic4cp , and the  rest of Helponcp.


1 Response to “Hall of Fame”

  1. June 17, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    [M]r Funguin

    madam says- thanks!

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