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What Billybob says…….

Hello Penguins!
If you haven’t checked out the Town Center yet make sure you do! Something strange is going on! I’m sure we’ll find out more when the next newspaper comes out on Thursday, but until then, we’d love to hear what you think might be happening.. Also, if you have your construction helmets you can always have fun helping others to fix it!
In other news: a new furniture catalog was released today with some great items for the summer. It’s full of stuff you need to turn your igloo into the perfect beach party! As always we would love to hear what your favorite new item is.
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team
Hope all is well.  I will try to get cp today- Big Snow or Sub Zero*.
Waddle on…just don’t get stuck [like me]
P.S.- Tell your friends! and don’t forget to check out my other site- MM4CP ! Thx!


dude.i quit ok.i found that all you do in there is chat.ok.items are stuff too.but to tell you that im not going to waste like 5$,20$.or 50$ on just to buy clothes i mean it .im not going to waste my s a pic.if its too filling the space ill fill this post over the whole page.i say change the site to maplehelp i mean you dont know the diff betwweeen the games.i played both ill tell you maple :the are ships you ride fight can buy items with out having to buy member ship you lvl up not like in cp all you do is hang out do mini games and chat.also maple you can chat and you can make face arwe pics dude

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Whats new in club penguin!

Whats new in the world of club penguin?

Klutzy the crab and the polar bear are at it again! Secret agents, if you didnt know- read the newspaper. Multiple sightings of the crab were reported in the cave. and the mine.

Also, there’s a secret in the newspaper. Go to the water party review page and click the crab.

A PSA letter pops up. It says “To unlock this file turn all puffles red” Click each puffle until all red. They will slowly dissapear and a new message from G will pop up.


Well, I think its Klutzy the crab and the polar bear…causing the earthquakes. I think they are tying to destroy the whole town. [like blow it up] and do something EVILLLL with it. lol- but idk.

New furniture catalog- click the beach towel for the inflatable dragon thing. Click the seeweed for the clam, and the painting for the lava lamp.

NEW PIN- basketball pin, at the pizza place!

Thats it! Bye!

Rockhopper arrival at the end of the month- NEW MISSION comes out early next week. So be on the lookout!



New newspaper!

Well, this is kinda late. Probably because i thought it was Wednesday not Thursday- lol idk how.

I won’t be on tomorrow night or Saturday morning, i have plans. [if i can-i will try to get online]

And as always that includes jokes,riddles and stuff. Remember NEW SECRET AGENT MISSION COMING SOON ALONG WITH ROCKHOPPER’S ARRIVAL!



what billybob says…..


Hello Penguins!
There’s going to be a lot going on in Club Penguin over the next couple of weeks that we haven’t talked about–so I thought I would give you a quick head’s up! 
The team is nearly finished the new secret agent mission–and believe me you don’t want to miss its release early next week! I can’t say a lot more about it, and there will be more info coming to agents very soon. 
If you haven’t completed the last mission, be sure you do before the new mission comes out. If you’re not a secret agent but you’re at least 30 days old, click the M on the top right corner of your screen and apply to become one.
I also just heard that Rockhopper is coming back!! You can’t see his ship anywhere on the horizon right now, but the team is getting things ready for his return. He will arrive at the end of the month! 
As always let us know what you think! I’ll have more info on summer events soon!
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team
well, rockhopper is coming back and a new mission- i wonder what else is new?? Any thoughts?? Post them-
waddle on, just dont get stuck,

some more info on the water party!

NOTICE TO ALL THOSE WITH CP SITES- as u probably know parties are one of the best times to take funny pictures for your sites. THE WATER PARTY ENDS TOMORROW! so get those funny pics shot!

anyways , i was at the cave and saw the crab [klutsy] with a lattern- i finally know what he is up to?! for more info go here- Watex’s post about the crab

I’m going to try to think of some ideas for funny pics. And shoot them before the party ends. As always, if u ask me  u can use  my funny pics. [if i give you permission to]

Thanks and bye!


Madam Rox

[will be on sub zero? tonight most likely till 12?? ]



12 a.m. -around that time [EST] the water party hit cp!! AND THE NEW PLAY!

Some old returing stuff, some new- BAD DAY FOR RARE PENGUINS!


Shell necklace at the beach, ice cream aprons at the plaza- inflatable ducks at the cove,


You throw blue water balloons instead of snowballs. AND The party room. [a secret room] is  located at the  iceberg. [go to the  iceberg and walk all the way left]

Also, click the hose [if theres one-like  at the  bottom on the screen] it squirts out water- hold it and move  your cursor and you can squirt people.


Enjoy!!!! i will!


! I’m usually  on Sub Zero , on Madam Rox !




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