Rules for everyone


* No mean , or bad words

* No copying our stuff!! Thats includes ideas,pics, and text.

* NO RANDOM COMMENTS! (like- hi, ) Only on the free chat page!

* No advertising , except on advertise your site here page.

Note- If you put a comment in the wrong spot, like blogroll under a post, IT WILL  be deleted.

For members- (admins, contributors, editors, authors)

* All the rules for everyone.

* No editing posts, or pages without permission by mm4cp. [unless  u made the post]

* No random posts.

* DO NOT delete this blog.

* Do not make any pages, without permission.

* Be nice.

* Must make posts, and do SOMETHING to help our site. (like making posts,editing comments,etc.)

* DO NOT touch or post things not in your topic. (ex. If your a Helpmeoncp member DO NOT make posts about C.P.S.S. ) Example- but yes. Do not do this without permission.

* Do not mess with the blogroll unless given permission.


If a rule says “Given Permission” you MUST have permission by madammusic4cp.

Please follow these rules. (if not your comment will be deleted) (admins,and members may lose their spot or be de-ranked)


If you haven’t noticed we have few hits. Why ? because this is a new site. Our old site had about 7,000 hits.

(Mm4cp’s blog had about 500,and CPSS (which was VERY new) had about 200)

So….we’re going to try again,and start from new! Instead of having 4 or 5 seperate blogs- we made 1. It’s simpler-

Please add us to your blogroll. We’d love  help for getting hits.

If you want more hits for your site contact madammusic4cp. And she’ll try to help you- if she can.



Madammusic4cp- or




1 Response to “INFO for this site”

  1. March 4, 2008 at 12:49 am

    dude your to stricted lighten up jeez

    mm4cp says- Well, its not really. I get annyoed when someone posts a comment like hi and never returns to our site. In real life I’m really weird,and hyper.

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